New research shows complicated pregnancies are happening more often in US

San Diego, California – Have you ever heard the saying, “If mom is happy, everyone is happy”?

A growing question is, “Are American hospitals failing new mothers and their babies?”

Complex pregnancies are becoming more frequent across the United States, up 16% in the last four years, according to a new national survey of women ages 18 to 44.

That same study showed an almost 15% increase in birth complications. I am afraid that

“It’s hard to describe size,” said mother Maureen Ruth.

Many pregnant mothers are at risk, such as giving birth too early or suffering from anxiety during and after pregnancy.

“I’m scared of what might happen,” said another mother, Brittany James.

Both pregnant mothers were at increased risk.

“Complications are on the rise as more and more women suffer from problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. The time when pregnancy can be most impacted is before conception,” says the Scripps Clinic. said Sean Daneshmand, M.D., a perinatal specialist at

A new field of research called epigenetics is examining how a woman’s environment and behavior affect her baby during pregnancy and after birth.

“One of the things I always tell my patients is when they can’t control their DNA, it’s the environment that they can control,” says Daneshmand.

Getting enough sleep, exercising daily, taking care of nutrition, and managing stress can affect your child’s entire life.

A recent study published in Jama Pediatrics suggests that maternal anxiety from conception to the baby’s first year of life can lead to deficits in cognitive, language and motor development.

“These children are at increased risk not only for psychosocial problems, but also for organic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer,” Daneshmand said.

At Scripps, we created one of the first high-risk pregnancy teams, with a complex care coordinator to help with nutrition, overall health, and mental health. An important factor is to see if the mother is doing well emotionally in the fourth trimester after the baby is born.

“America’s future depends on women. is the way to live your best life.

The Scripps high-risk pregnancies team works with community organizations and charities to help pregnant women. He hopes that what they create will spread and help save more mothers and their babies across the country.

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