Nigerian school principal confirms students’ sexcapade, denies pregnancy report

The president of the Federal Government University, Izhanikin, LagosTohunmi Akage confirmed reports that some students at the school were found staying at a hotel near the school and engaging in immoral activities.

Attorney Mrs. Acamo said management’s efforts to address student misdiscipline should be commended and that unruly students would be detected by the school and appropriate disciplinary action taken against them. said.

The punch newspaper had early hours on Wednesday report Some boys and girls at the school had stayed in hotels for sex before being discovered.

According to the newspaper, one of the students was impregnated by a male classmate and the outbreak led to the discovery by the school authorities.

However, the school denied reports of the pregnancy, saying that anyone who may have provided the information to the newspaper was “just a prank and malicious”.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES by phone, Akage said under her oversight the school has been proactive in addressing issues of discipline and moral correctness. Since she assumed her school duties in September 2020, she has suspended and sometimes fired several students who were deemed unworthy of being in school.

However, she blamed her parents for what she described as an uncooperative attitude, and some of the students’ parents found them engaging in nightclubs and homosexuality, and said that the school was abusive to the students. He said he refused even to help discipline him.

“Someone came to school here and abused all of us and was not ashamed of his child’s misbehavior. It’s a shame,” he said.

“How did this happen”

According to the principal, 80% of the narration in previous reports was untrue, stating that the incident occurred during a recent sporting event held at the Yaba Institute of Technology in Lagos, involving a federal university.

Mrs. Acamo, chair of the Principals’ Forum of Federal Government Universities in the country, said: There was a bed check and some girls weren’t in the hostel. And on Monday morning they called their parents to see if they were home. And he said his parents weren’t home. After that, we immediately started investigating.

“So when we tried to find out what happened on Monday as they weren’t at the hostel that night, one of their friends told us they were at the hotel. I climbed the fence to get to the hotel at night and was shocked to find them there.There were five people arrested at the hotel, during interrogation, they went with me that Sunday, but on Monday It turns out that there is another girl who has returned to school.

She said the school’s disciplinary committee met on the matter, suspended the student, and reported the same to the parents.

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“It is also part of the disciplinary action to give them additional punishment each time they resume before they are turned over to the instruction and counseling unit where they are further monitored and controlled,” she said.

About pregnancy

Mrs. Acamo said none of the six students involved in the hotel issue were pregnant, and said the issue was addressed within 48 hours of its occurrence.

Meanwhile, she said, when final-year students were asked to resume school preparation in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and prepare for the West African High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), one female student She reported that she was pregnant at home.

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“When we realized this, we gave her a medical check-up and sent her back to her parents as soon as we confirmed this. At that time, she was already five months pregnant.”

not the first time

The principal said the school did not tolerate disorder, and in 2022 some students were found to have climbed the fence at night and visited a nightclub near the school, and management said they were being rounded up. He said he had made sure that he had been punished and properly disciplined.

She also said that two girls who were found to be engaged in homosexuality were also picked up and trained properly so as not to “defile their peers.”

“I have about 3,500 students, and I understand that each has a different background and upbringing. Because we also had children and we couldn’t be with them anywhere, so we had to act as parents to them.

Principal slams parents, social media

On the other hand, the principal also accused the parents of indulging their children, stating that the children would “be sent to boarding schools to be managed by teachers after being spoiled.”

She was invited to school by a parent whose daughter proved to be unruly, but refused to attend.

“In fact, we volunteered to take the child to a parent at home, and this man said he didn’t have one. But when we got to his house, he said I was having fun at home.It’s the height of irresponsibility.”

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She also said parents continue to smuggle phones into schools for their children, even though phones are banned in schools, and these phones are stored “even on the roof of the hostel.” I lamented what was happening.

“The impact of social media on this generation of students is terrible, but as teachers we never give up,” she said, imploring parents to help build a better future for her ward. did.

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