No confirmation from Britain’s royal family that Kate Middleton is pregnant

The British royal family has made no announcement to confirm Kate Middleton’s alleged pregnancy rumors

Claim: United Kingdom (UK) Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins.

Rating: FALSE

Reasons for fact-checking this: A YouTube video containing this claim has over 16,000 views at the time of writing.

No news from the British royal family: There has been no announcement from the British royal family confirming Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

British Royal Website, Royal Family and Kensington Palace Facebook Page, Twitter account The Prince and Princess of Wales have no announcement to confirm Kate’s pregnancy. Kensington Palace is the official residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

No news from the media: There have also been no reports from the media confirming the claims. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) page, the UK’s national broadcaster, also has no reports of Kate’s pregnancy.

Kate’s most recent pregnancy: Kate’s last pregnancy was in 2018. gave birth To Prince Louis of Cambridge. – Lorenz Passion/

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