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The NRL has clarified its position on NRLW Pregnancy and Parenthood Policy and Private Health Insurance.

The NRL has moved to clarify inaccurate and misleading statements made on social media regarding NRLW pregnancy and parenting policies and private health insurance.

NRL has an absolute focus on ensuring progressive and modern support mechanisms and playing conditions for pregnant or new parents NRLW players.

The NRL, NRLW clubs and the RLPA have been working together since October 2022 on the new NRLW maternity and parental leave policies, including:

  • Provide paid and unpaid support to parents in caring for children up to 24 months of age.
  • NRL financial support for parental cover for paid players per season.
  • NRL financial support for replacement players for pregnancy replacements.
  • Pregnant players have contract security
  • Player can move to a safe job

The RLPA also required both men and women to have private health insurance, funded through a salary cap and paid for by the players.

The NRL granted this request and increased the salary cap for women by 10.5% to accommodate this request.

NRL and NRLW clubs have also worked to promote contract security and multi-year contracts to ensure players have greater long-term security.

The NRL has respected the sensitive nature of confidential discussions, but misleading and false information has damaged the process.

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