NYPD cop Jason Rivera’s widow pregnant with ‘miracle’ child

The wife of a police officer shot dead while on duty said Saturday that she’s pregnant with his child and will leave behind a “miracle”.

“One of the things I’m learning is that God works in mysterious ways,” Dominic Luzriaga Rivera said on the one-year anniversary of the shootings of her husband Jason Rivera and colleague Wilbert Mora. said at a memorial service.

“There is sorrow, there is suffering, there is rebirth. Fortunately, Jason and I are expected to have our miracle this spring.”

The news was received with loud cheers and a standing ovation at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, bringing some joy to what had been a solemn event.

“Jason is not here physically to see or experience our miracles, but we know that he watches over us spiritually and loves us,” she said. Added.

“To my unborn children, through time, guidance and love, I hope they too will get to know their father and, as a family, never forget Jason’s tremendous legacy of success and ultimate sacrifice.”

“There is grief, there is suffering, there is rebirth. Fortunately, Jason and I are expecting our miracle this spring,” said Jason Rivera’s wife, Dominic Luzriaga Rivera.
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Sources say Luzriaga Rivera has succeeded Sunny Liu. Sunny Liu gave birth to her daughter Angelina in 2017 thanks to artificial insemination two and a half years after her husband, NYPD officer Wenjiang Liu, was murdered.

Earlier, Mayor Adams paid tribute to two young police officers who were killed in response to a domestic violence call in Harlem.

“We salute two good men who are the heroes of our city,” Adams said.

On January 21, 2022, Rivera, 22, and Mora, 27, were fatally shot when gunmen ambushed them during a domestic call in their apartment in Harlem. Both were posthumously promoted to detectives.

Please stand up for NYPD's Jason Rivera.
Rivera, 22, was shot dead along with another police officer when gunmen ambushed them during a domestic call in their Harlem apartment on January 21, 2022.
Paul Martinka

The mayor also reflected on his love for his 27-year-old son, Jordan Coleman, telling the family of the deceased officer, “I can’t imagine the pain that comes with losing these two men.”

“Our hearts grieve with you and we cannot see the pain go away in 365 days. We cannot bear the pain of being here for you.”

The Mass was also attended by many NYPD officials, including Commissioner Keecchant Sewell.

Adams had been on the job for less than a month when both cops were killed last year — and why his illegal gun crackdown plan was sorely needed in the Big Apple at the time. I used a terrifying gunshot as an example of.

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