Opposition to pregnancy bill makes me wonder ‘what’s next?’

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Senator Tom Tillis was one of three US Senate Republicans who voted for the bipartisan Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.


pregnancy rights

I had no idea until I read Sara Pequeño’s December 15th column. One day, women of childbearing age (a significant percentage of working women) may need to provide their employers with reasons to seek medical attention against abortion. But for those who oppose a bill to detain pregnant employees, like Sen. Thom Tillis, that doesn’t seem so implausible.

Next is the requirement that a male relative accompany the doctor to keep the woman from discussing possible reproductive freedom issues?

Amy Keith, Charlotte

ESG investment

“NC Treasurer Joins Republican Party to Target ‘Wake Up’ Investments” (Editorial, Dec. 14):

Thankfully, state treasurer Dale Folwell doesn’t share the editorial board’s enthusiasm for ESG investing. Windmills and solar panels are great, but I’m going to need fossil fuels for a while, so I don’t want BlackRock, Vanguard, or any other brokerage firm tipping my life savings on windmills.

Don Justice, Charlotte

bud and murphy

Regarding “Investigation Reveals Text from Budd Murphy on Election Theory” (Dec. 14):.

US Representatives Ted Budd and Greg Murphy were elected with the same votes as Joe Biden.they didn’t complain their fraudulent elections. They and other NC representatives who texted Mark Meadows took the following oath of office: They didn’t honor their oath. They need to resign and be held accountable.

Darryl Solomonson, Charlotte

school start date

Would you like to ask what message they are sending to students regarding the Union County Board of Education’s decision to change the start and end dates of the school year? It cannot start before. However, her BOE in Union County does not like this rule and has decided to ignore it as it has no impact. What an example they set! Don’t be surprised if students pick and choose which rules to follow.

CG Kilburn, Monroe

big poultry

Kudos to the News & Observer and Charlotte Observer reporters for exposing the lack of regulation in the North Carolina poultry industry. Shame on Congress, he is one of the few governing bodies in the United States that has failed to enact laws regulating industries that have a tremendous impact on the health and welfare of its citizens. Legislation not only protects North Carolina citizens from health hazards, it also protects them from the conglomerates that control poultry farmers. A free press with investigative reporting is the greatest bulwark against the tyranny of reactionary Congresses and profit-only conglomerates.

Louise Goodnight, Charlotte

own a house

A recent Kate Institute poll found that 87% of Americans are concerned about housing affordability. With demand for housing soaring, especially among young Americans, market-based reforms are needed, especially to bring down prices by building more homes. Achieving “affordable housing” should focus on increasing supply rather than subsidizing demand and flawed government programs.

For example, governments can lower tariffs on steel and aluminum to lower construction costs, and lower permit fees and zoning regulations. Homeownership is part of the “American Dream” and the free market can support this dream.

Gabriel Russ, Lincolnton

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