Over 1,000 attend A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center’s annual banquets – Sterling Journal-Advocate

The Caring Pregnancy Resource Center in Northeast Colorado hosted its annual fundraising dinner for four consecutive nights January 27-30, 2023 at four locations in Sterling, Holyoke, Yuma and Brush.

The theme of this year’s banquet, “Planting the Seeds of Growth,” has trained, equipped, and opened more than 950 churches in all 50 states and multiple countries.
I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the woman who was unexpectedly pregnant.

Mrs. Ford said, “Pregnancy centers should be first responders and churches should be hospitals.” We look forward to launching her Embrace Grace as a support system in northeastern Colorado this spring.

“We are growing!” says Roberta Bigalk, executive director of the Caring Pregnancy Resource Center in Northeast Colorado. We are thrilled with the support we have received.Serving well over 300 women in the past year shows how valuable our organization is to the communities we serve in northeastern Colorado. It shows whether there is

“We have raised a record-breaking amount of support, and when it’s all done, it could exceed our expectations! We are approaching $175,000. With the continued support of , we are confident we can make it happen! Each of our four banquets has doubled what we have done in the past.”

The Caring Pregnancy Resource Center is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with five locations in Yuma, Wray, Sterling, Holyoke and Brush, offering free and confidential pregnancy checks, STD tests, ultrasounds and closets. rental and support services. Northeastern Colorado. Not all expectant mothers need help, but many of our clients don’t have a good support system to provide what they need. We want to be there for them!

All proceeds from the evening go directly to helping young mothers, students, babies and families in northeastern Colorado. For more information on services and donations, please contact the Pregnancy Center at 970-842-4324 or visit our website at neco-cpc.org/tickets.

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