PDH continues to provide pregnancy, post-delivery and newborn baby services

In June 2022, Plumas District Hospital announced a temporary suspension of hospital delivery services. Not surprisingly, some took this to mean that PDH had stopped providing all pregnancies, births, and neonatal services. With this in mind, it would be prudent to provide additional clarification on the types and availability of local services.

“We continue to provide prenatal and neonatal care at our local clinics,” said Erin Burns, MD. “We have established a co-treatment model that allows pregnant patients to receive treatment locally (up to 36 weeks) and then deliver at a nearby hospital,” she continued.

Licensed Nurse Midwife Lori Link works one-on-one with patients to ensure a smooth transition of care to the maternity hospital of their choice. Link explains:

Once the baby is born, the woman can resume all care for herself, her new baby and her family at Quincy.


Today, PDH offers a variety of pregnancy-related services, including prenatal visits, routine checkups, ultrasounds, diabetes management, fetal monitoring tests, birth classes, and more. 48 hours after her baby arrives, the family can begin newborn care with her favorite PDH doctor. Questions regarding prenatal and newborn appointments can be directed to 530-283-5640.

CEO JoDee Read said: “Keeping patients closer to home and supporting providers in delivering quality care is a top priority for hospital districts.”

The PDH Task Force continues to explore the feasibility of alternative birth centers.

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