People think pregnancy nose is bad but I transformed into an entirely different person – everything swelled up

A woman has revealed that she looked like a completely different person when she was pregnant.

We’ve all heard about the gestational nose, which is the swelling of a pregnant woman’s nose.


Keira revealed what she looks like years after being pregnantCredit: sweetiekypie/TikTok
But during pregnancy, her face was completely swollen and she looked like a different person.


But during pregnancy, her face was completely swollen and she looked like a different person.Credit: sweetiekypie/TikTok

However, a woman in the United States revealed that her entire face changed during pregnancy.

On TikTok, the mother posted a photo of herself shortly after giving birth to twins, years after her pregnancy.

Kyra has more than 800,000 likes on her account, video sharing app Sweetie Ky Pie.

In the video, she said, “Would you like to talk about your pregnant nose?”

In the first two images of Keira not pregnant, her face looked slim as she posed for the camera.

But in the next two photos, taken right after giving birth, she looked completely different.

Keira noticed that her whole body and facial features were swollen during her pregnancy.

She captioned the post: “When I told you that every part of my body swelled to ten times its normal size.

Since then, the video has been viewed over 10 million times and has gone viral, leaving people so dumbfounded that many did not believe her to be the same person.

One asked, “Where’s the neck tut after the baby comes out???”

However, Keira replied that she got the tattoo after she was pregnant with her child, so the photo she used was several years after giving birth.

People wrote that it was completely blown away and that it was enough to put many women off having children.

One person wrote, “My nose is big enough, so I’m tying a tube.”

Another commented that:

“I’m literally so scared. My nose is already big,” one-third wrote.

On the other hand, a fourth said, “Someone needs to make a pregnancy nasal filter to prepare us for considering whether it’s worth the risk.

“My pregnant nose is literally the biggest reason I’m not pregnant. I’m proud of my small nose,” claimed the fifth.

Another woman recently spoke out about a “pregnant nose.”

Alex Jacobson said, “I had the worst ‘pregnant nose’ of my first pregnancy.”

I showed her a picture of me in a hospital bed immediately after giving birth and said, “This is my face right after giving birth.

However, Alex added that she was “nearly 30 weeks pregnant” with her second pregnancy, so she hoped it was “a sign that her nose isn’t going to triple this time.”

But it seems she spoke too soon.

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She later returned to TikTok and shared a video showing how her nose began to widen.

But she wasn’t alone—hundreds of women joined in the comments, revealing that it happened to them too.

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