Post-mortem says Tunisha suffocated; nixes pregnancy speculation

MUMBAI: The mysterious death of actress Tunisha Sharma has raised many questions, including speculation that the actress was pregnant.

However, a posthumous report revealed that she was not pregnant and had died of suffocation by hanging.

The 20-year-old actress committed suicide by hanging herself in her ex-boyfriend and co-star Shihzan Mohammed Khan’s dressing room on December 24.

They were both seen on the show “Alibaba: Dastan E Kabul”.

Seezan was arrested after a case of assisted suicide was registered against him.

Tunisha’s mother filed a formal complaint, blaming the actor for Tunisha’s mental stress.

Her corpse was taken to Mumbai’s JJ Hospital for an autopsy, and reports said Tunisha’s death was due to asphyxiation.

No trace of injury was found on her body.

According to media reports, her body will likely be cremated on December 26.


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