Post pregnancy, Debina Bonnerjee takes her ‘first few steps towards fitness’

Getting back into shape after pregnancy and childbirth can be a tedious and difficult process. Women often dedicate all their time and energy to caring for their newborns, neglecting their health and fitness. Her Debina Bonnerjee, who gave birth to her second daughter in November, shares regularly after pregnancy Travel with her followers. In the same vein, the actor and vlogger posted “first steps towards post-pregnancy fitness.”

“A lot of people told me I lost weight. pregnancy weightt disappeared. A little bit of healing weight… I know my uterus got smaller and the healing is still there.But this weight that I automatically lost isn’t what I’m talking about,” she said on her YouTube I mentioned it in a video shared on my channel. Debina Decode.

See her pre-pregnancy photos flashing in the video. Devina Despite looking pretty thin, she continued. If I can be this, and start my fitness journey towards this, I will get somewhere. “

The 39-year-old stressed the importance of having the right mindset to stay healthy. “with positive thinking And with the right intentions, you can definitely do it. So the first thing is the mindset. As a mother, I know it’s very difficult to make time for myself.Most days I don’t feel like going downstairs for a walk. But if I lose myself and don’t care about my fitness, I think my kids will be affected. “

when she prepares to approach her workout routine When Debina weighed herself that day, it was 73.3 kg on the scale. “I will now weigh myself in front of all of you so that nothing is hidden. I will check what weight is today. You never know what your journey will be like in a few days or months. But it will be right in front of you. Let’s see where this journey takes us. It often disappears easily. A lot! I used to be 56kg, but now I’m 73kg, up 17kg. “

She then revealed that 45 days had passed since her caesarean delivery She is now allowed to exercise. “Don’t start training too hard right away. Start doing what you love. And always listen to your body. If your body is giving you signals, keep listening to them.” please,” she said.

In the video Debina shows her workout routine including some exercises. yoga asana Followed by a brisk walk.

Diet forms an important part of your fitness routine. Emphasizing the same, she said. Now that pregnancy-related cravings are over, there’s no more reason to indulge. increase breast milk production That is tapioca. People also suggest consuming gondola deux. Eat healthy. Now we all know what a healthy diet is. I’m not asking you to start dieting or follow fad diets like intermittent fasting. Eat clean. All together to support your fitness journey. “

Speaking about post-pregnancy tips for mothers, Anika Parashal, a certified childbirth educator, doula and lactation consultant, said a woman’s body changes a lot after giving birth. Be healed. balanced diet is the way to go. Eat small amounts but often (as you would during pregnancy), as babies often eat while they sleep, between visits, or while resting. Many women are in a rush to lose weight and get back to “normal,” but it takes 10 months to have a baby and 10 months to get over having a baby. affect a specific part of the body. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time,” she said.

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