Prega News launches new campaign #GuessNahiConfirmKaro for accurate pregnancy results

Prega News, Mankind Pharma’s pregnancy detection kit, has launched a new campaign called #GuessNahiConfirmKaro. It focuses on people’s impulses to search for information online, even for critical issues such as pregnancy. Through a campaign, Prega News is therefore encouraging people to get tested rather than assuming they are pregnant based on symptoms or online results.

The campaign was conceived and executed by Grapes, an integrated marketing agency. It highlights the instinctive behavior of people searching for pregnancy-related queries online and the potential to become addicted to the vast amount of information available on the internet. So campaign #GuessNahiConfirmKaro is spreading awareness that you can confirm a pregnancy with 5 times the certainty of going to the Prega News rapid test instead of relying on all the information floating around online.

In today’s digital age, the Internet is flooded with all sorts of information, and in many cases it is difficult to judge whether the information is true or not. It can be misleading, potentially harmful, and can increase a person’s vulnerability, especially when it comes to a sensitive issue like pregnancy. , this campaign warns people not to believe everything blindly.

Pregnancy as a journey is different for everyone, and not all women have to match the same symptoms. The person involved may not be exhibiting the same symptoms that are listed in the search results. So, rather than surfing the internet and doing a self-diagnosis, you should take Prega News’ test her kit home and know for sure what the confirmed results are. To ensure that the message reaches the maximum possible audience, the campaign is being rolled out across her social media platforms to build awareness.

Joy Chatterjee

A detailed description of the campaign Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma Said, “The increasing reliance on the internet is causing a lot of concern as people believe everything they come across online. Not only that, but also find out if mood swings, late periods, fatigue, etc. are also signs of pregnancy. I came up with a campaign to sensitize the public to go for a pregnancy test to be sure.

shraddha agarwal
shraddha agarwal

In terms of campaign Shradha Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Grapes Said, “Pregnancy is a stage of life that requires a lot of care and attention. time can be wasted, but instead you can invest in planning your upcoming courses. I came up with a campaign to establish the importance of safe pregnancy tests.

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