‘Pregnancy as an athlete is hard, you lose your identity’

When Mills signed up for SailGP, marketed as sailing’s F1, she didn’t expect to take a long break from the water. Although there was no maternity package for her to follow, the British team helped Mills stay in her environment by leading sustainability programs and youth trails, specifically recruiting young female seafarers. I was.

“As an athlete, when you stop boating, suddenly you don’t need it. So it was really important for me to still feel needed, which was great,” she says. “Come back, to be honest, I still don’t know how it will work, but definitely with SailGP and the team in the UK, I want to document my journey and make it easier for the next person. can be made.”

‘Pregnancy as an athlete was scary’

The logistics of traveling the world with an infant pose the most daunting prospects, starting with long-haul flights and figuring out how to balance breastfeeding and high-speed racing against the British team. You have to juggle. Britain sent backup strategist Hannah Diamond to Singapore to help Mills transition on the water, with Dempsey on hand to care for her daughter.

However, she is keen to make motherhood conducive for all and has already discussed with SailGP the potential benefits of introducing child care facilities during race weekends.

Mills admits she was “terrified” of the idea that pregnancy would derail her career, but hopes her experience will empower other women at SailGP to feel capable of doing the same. “As an athlete, I was definitely terrified of that. I felt that if I got pregnant, it would be the end of my athletic career. It’s a big deal, there are a lot of timeouts and you have to get back to the level you want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

“Hopefully I can help set things up so that it’s easier for the next people on this journey with SailGP.

The SailGP UK team today announced a three-year partnership with global renewable energy company Low Carbon. It will help the team become the most sustainable elite sports team in the world.

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