Pregnancy Help News – Top 10 articles for 2022

2022 is notable for the historic reversal of Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling.

The need for fertility support has not diminished with Dobbs, and fertility support organizations stand ready to meet that need and, as always, are faithfully serving families in need.

The possible overthrow of Dobbs and Law has sparked pro-abortion outrage and unprecedented vandalism, violence and other attacks on pregnancy, supporting organizations, life support groups and churches.

Nonetheless, pregnancy support organizations have not been daunted by their service and support for women. Despite attacks from big tech companies and elected officials, pregnancy support continues!

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Furthermore, at the forefront of the pro-abortion attack continues the dubious targeting of life advocates under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entry Act/FACE Act. The end of the year is approaching.

Pregnancy Help News has published countless reports on these developments and more. Readers are kept up to date on the latest and most pertinent developments in the world of assisted pregnancy and pro-life.

Below is a summary of the most read articles in 2022 as of December 30th.

merry christmas! Happy new year! And may God bless the dawn of 2023 and beyond.

Tweet this: 2022 was a remarkable year of reversals Law vs WadePregnancy support continues after thategghelping and serving women in need.

The State of America’s Abortion Centers: The Impact of Telemedicine in 2021

Part 1 of the report is available Here.

Pence rallyes ‘pro-life generation’, says Law goes to ‘history’s ash heap’

Cincinnati Football Team Helps Pregnancy Center Build a Culture of Life

Ketanji Brown Jackson opposed President Donald Trump’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Pro-abortion Jane’s Revenge issues ‘Night of Rage’ threat if SCOTUS overthrows Roe

‘Made in God’s Image’ – Shapiro Deconstructs Pro-Abortion Argument at Pro-Abortion Event

Pregnancy help “clearly changed the trajectory” of the woman’s host

‘Misinformation is out of control’ – Pro-Life Doctors Group Says Abortion Propaganda Fuels Fear

The pernicious nature of abortion on display at Senate hearings

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