Pregnancy nose: Women can have a bigger nose while expecting

Changes in the body of a pregnant woman are inevitable. Just because your breasts are bigger, heavier, and easier to pee doesn’t mean it’s hard to overlook these changes. But did you know that your nose can also be affected during pregnancy? This is one of the things the expectant mother is talking about on her social media. Many women have shared videos of their pregnant noses showcasing their before and after shapes! Their “post-pregnancy” images clearly show their noses getting bigger. Here’s everything you need to know about nose trends during pregnancy.

You may have heard of pregnancy rhinitis, which also involves the nose. In this case, it is necessary to deal with nasal congestion. A pregnant nose is another change in the pregnant body that women can’t stop talking about. I asked about the topic.

What is a pregnancy nose

Agree, the list of body changes during pregnancy is long. But the first question that comes to expectant mothers’ minds is whether certain changes are normal. According to Dr. Choudhary, a woman’s body changes during early and late pregnancy, and continues to do so in the postpartum period. Additionally, most changes are normal, such as a larger nose during pregnancy.

Pregnant nose is one of the body changes during pregnancy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

causes of pregnancy nose

From the beginning of the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, the blood vessels tend to dilate to accommodate the growing fetus, experts say. Estrogen levels in the body can increase blood flow to the mucous membranes just below the nose. Therefore, the size of the nose also increases. During the third or final trimester of pregnancy, some women experience fluid retention on the face, which leads to swelling of the nose.

pregnancy nose is less common

Not all pregnant women have big noses. Only some women may be affected. Some women may also notice a reddened nose, says Dr. Choudhary. This is caused by changes in hormone levels that affect skin pigmentation.

pregnancy nose
Pregnant noses don’t last forever.Image credit: Shutterstock

When can I get my old nose back?

Your nose will return to its normal shape only after pregnancy. As hormones stabilize, edema also decreases.

Other changes in a pregnant woman’s body

It’s not just physical changes that women experience during pregnancy. Sometimes women also experience looseness during pregnancy.

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  • you may feel nauseous
  • May feel mood changes
  • chest pain
  • frequent headaches may occur
  • Back pain can cause you a little problem
  • Swollen legs can also occur (tips to treat swelling during pregnancy)
  • you may pee frequently
  • prone to shortness of breath

Experts say it’s imperative that pregnant women be on the lookout for the possibility and see a doctor if symptoms worsen. We recommend that you discuss

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