Pregnant Dog Rescued From Freezing Weather Conditions in Virginia Gives Birth to Puppies

Pregnant dog rescued from frigid weather conditions in Virginia gives birth to puppies

pregnant dog

pregnant dog

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A pregnant dog recently rescued from the frigid weather of Virginia has given birth to nine puppies.

rescue pregnant dog

On December 22nd, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) rescued a pregnant puppy from a wet wooden kennel on a private property.

According to Virginia law, dogs cannot be kept outdoors without proper shelter when temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. State law also says it’s illegal to keep dogs outdoors if the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning. According to the law, good shelter means that your dog must be protected from the elements and kept dry and clean.

“This dog was in a wooden kennel filled with water in the freezing cold,” a RACC staff member shared on Facebook the day after the expected dog was seized.

The mother-to-be was named Mama Manolo by the RACC and taken to a shelter. She was then transferred to the Virginia Veterinary Center (VVC) so staff could monitor her impending labor.

“This is what we do when we take dogs out of the freezing cold that are pregnant and ready to pop right out!” a RACC staff member wrote in a Facebook post. “This sweet little girl (Mama Manolo) is going to the Virginia Veterinary Center overnight in case her labor starts. We don’t want her alone!”

miracle of christmas

On Christmas Day, Mama Monoro gave birth, just like her other famous mother, Mary.

“She gave birth to 9 perfect puppies late Christmas night and finished early this morning! 7 girls and 2 boys! We thank the officers for arriving in a warm and safe environment with a skilled team,” the RACC announced in a Facebook post featuring a photo of a sleeping pup.

After about eight weeks, when the puppies have finished nursing and become independent, the whole chick is ready for adoption. I hope some of the furry family can stay together.

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