Pregnant Hilary Swank Shares Workout Video

Pregnant Hilary Swank hasn’t skipped an arm day even with twins.

“Me and Da Babes working out,” the 48-year-old “Away” star captioned a recent Instagram video depicting a gym session. rice field.”

The footage shows Swank flexing her arm and proudly rubbing her pregnant belly.

Swank announced her pregnancy in October 2022, sharing a video of herself pointing at her belly and writing, “Coming soon… double feature!”

The actor, who married entrepreneur Philip Schneider in 2018, detailed how she navigated the set of ABC’s “Alaska Daily” before announcing her pregnancy.

“No one knew — they didn’t say it for 12 weeks for a specific reason.” she said Press conference. “But then you’ve grown up, you’ve been using the bathroom a lot, you’ve been eating a lot. I’m sure there’s been some conversation. When you get back on set tomorrow, people will be like.” Oh it all makes sense.

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In October 2022, Swank told “Extra” that having children “had been on my mind since a young age.”

For Swank, timing is everything. Her due date is April 16th, which is also her late father’s birthday. The actor’s father, Stephen Michael Swank, revealed on Instagram that he passed away in 2021, writing, “After a lung transplant seven years ago, I was his only caregiver.”

“It’s so beautiful, how everything fits together, and my dad was one of my favorite people in the world,” she told Extra. “This is a tribute to life.”

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