Pregnant Jenna Johnson ‘Excited’ to Meet Son After ‘False Alarm’

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still not here!pregnant jenna johnson I recently went into labor and went to the hospital, but it was just a “false alarm”.

“Our little man is already making us nervous,” he said. dance with the stars The 28-year-old Pro captioned a photo of himself on a hospital gurney on his Instagram story on Saturday, Dec. 31.

Johnson, who wore a hospital gown and knitted beanie, hugged her bump in the photo. 🤍’” she concluded her health update.

Pregnant Jenna Johnson is 'so excited' to meet her, son of husband Val Chmerkowski, after 'false alarm'

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of so i think you can dance alum – a married person Val Chmerkowski 2019 — Earlier this year, she announced that she was expecting her first child after previous fertility treatments.

“My biggest dream ever came true. 🤍“Baby Chmerkovsky is coming this January! My heart is filled with understanding as I nurture this little miracle within me.” I’ve grown beyond.I can’t wait to meet my dear angel.”

The Utah native revealed in August that the two were pregnant with a boy, but had previously confided. every week She wasn’t nervous about giving birth.

“I’m ready for it. Like gore and scares, for all, bring it. Let’s do it,” Johnson quipped. we in September. “There’s a lot of weird, abnormal things going on with my body. [Val] It makes you feel like an absolute beauty queen. “

At the time, she continued: Not even the physical aspect of it, but just knowing that we have a little human being to be with is truly beautiful.

When the duo’s “little humans” arrive, the Jo + Jax fashion designers already know how their parenting journey will begin.

I’m going to be a bad cop, even though I already know I’ll be a “good cop, bad cop.”I know [Val’s] I’m going to give in to everything and be a very little sucker,” she said we early this year. “He’ll be very involved. He’ll want to style him. They’ll have matching outfits.”

Johnson and the Ukrainian-born 36-year-old are ready to pamper their son, but aren’t forcing him to follow in his dancing footsteps. “I think everyone expects us to put him in the dance. I want him to just be athletic and try all the sports he wants to do,” Johnson said at the time. “I support him, but it’s inevitable. For example, can’t we use our resources to get him into the dance?”

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