Pregnant Minnesota woman fatally shot in Amazon warehouse parking lot

Police are investigating the shooting of a pregnant woman in her car on January 8 in the parking lot of an Amazon fulfillment center in Lakeville, Minnesota. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital that evening.

Staff at Hennepin County Medical Center delivered the baby later that night, police said.

Donte Rafiel McRae is suspected of involvement in the incident, according to Lakeville Police. He is being held in the Dakota County Jail on second-degree manslaughter charges. McCray “has an employment relationship with his Amazon facility where the incident occurred,” the police press release reads.

An investigation into the case is ongoing, led by the Lakeville Police Department, the Minnesota Criminal Arrest Service, and the Hennepin County Coroner.

Amazon told ABC News it is continuing to work with police to investigate the incident. An Amazon spokesperson said he confirmed that McCray is employed by the company.

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