Pregnant Selling Sunset Star Heather Rae El Moussa Placed On Bed Rest Due To Nerve Pain

Pregnant sale Sunset star Heather Ray El Moussa laid on bed rest due to neuralgia

busy times ahead sell sunset star Heather Ray El Moussa and her husband, Tarek El MoussaThe couple are over the moon and have announced they are loaded with Baby El Moussa and are set to debut in early 2023.

In her Instagram story, she explained that although the baby is fine, the sciatica pain was downright horrible and doctors put her on bed rest. yes! has details. heather said. I’m not doing very well.Her sciatica was unbearable and she got worse than before, so she [the doctor] I want you to lie down and rest.”

I have a personal pain scale and would like to share that sciatica scores at a good #3 or #4, just behind spontaneous labor, kidney stones and wisdom tooth pain. Sciatica is no joke. heather But I’m not entirely thrilled about bed rest. [the] The most important thing is to feel good and take care of your baby. This is the “You must take care of yourself before you can take care of others” chapter of the Mom’s Handbook.

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heather She added, “We’re getting closer, but we still have time, so we have to do our best.”She said, “I absolutely cannot feel this for the rest of my pregnancy.” I mean you can But you certainly don’t want to, and unfortunately pain relievers during pregnancy are pretty limited.

heather She also spends time with her in-laws and soaks up support from her friends and family. Tarek, his children are very much looking forward to their new siblings. This was a trip from the jump, as the couple were actually in the middle of IVF when Heather conceived naturally.

Hopefully heather Her pain is somewhat relieved and she is able to transition to an easy delivery. The moment may not be fun, but enjoy your rest while you can!

Tell me – have you ever been put on a bed rest? Are you familiar with sciatica? Do you think Heather can have more children?

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