Pregnant Students At Mahatma Gandhi University To Get 60 Days Maternity Leave

In a new step for Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) has decided to offer 60 days of maternity leave for undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 18 and over to ensure uninterrupted research.

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A syndicated meeting, chaired by pro-vice-chancellor CT Aravinda Kumar, was held to make the provision officially available to students, PTI reported, citing a university statement.

You can take one vacation during the course

According to reports, The Syndicate has endorsed the recommendation of a commission constituted to conduct an investigation into this matter.

According to the university, maternity leave can be taken before and after childbirth. However, it is granted only once during the course period only for the first or second pregnancy.

Mahatma Gandhi University Pregnant Students Get 60 Days Maternity Leave
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The university’s announcement further stated that the vacation period includes public holidays and regular holidays and cannot be taken together with other vacations. In addition, 14 days leave is given in the case of abortion, fallopian tube removal, etc.

Students never lose a semester

In order to eliminate the impact of pregnancy on a student’s studies, students who take maternity leave during the semester can register for exams for that semester. Next semester, you can write as a supplementary lesson with regular students. However, you don’t lose a semester when your maternity leave ends. Because you can continue your studies in batches in the current semester.

Doctor’s certificate required to take leave

The Syndicate has decided that if students on maternity leave are to take practical, lab and viva exams, the heads of institutions or departments must make the necessary arrangements for this. According to the release, to take advantage of the maternity leave, a certificate of registered physician must be submitted along with the application form three days before the start of the leave.

Kerala HC on Abortion

Mahatma Gandhi University Pregnant Students Get 60 Days Maternity Leave

In November, the Kerala High Court allowed unmarried women to abort 24-week-old pregnancies, saying it was the woman’s choice to have the child or abort the fetus. The court heard a plea from her 23-year-old MBA student who got pregnant from a consensual relationship with her classmate. After her hospital denied her abortion request, she approached the High Court.

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