Pregnant Woman Cancels Husband’s Family Christmas Party — Now He Is Demanding A ‘Hand-Written Apology’

As the holiday season approaches, many people prepare to travel to visit family and host family gatherings.

Especially for those hosting an endless list of errands and preparations, the season can be as much fun as it is stressful.

One woman revealed that she ultimately canceled the festivities because she felt overwhelmed and unprepared for a large Christmas gathering at her home.

A pregnant woman canceled her husband’s family Christmas party without discussing it.

When the woman’s husband discovered she canceled the gathering without her knowledge, he called her behavior “absurdly horrible” and demanded a handwritten apology.

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She claims she canceled the Christmas party because her husband didn’t let her know the details of the get-together, which meant they didn’t have enough time to prepare for so many guests.

Eventually re-used to apologize, she posted a story on the subreddit “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) saying she was wrong for refusing to apologize to her husband after canceling their Christmas get-together. I asked him if he was

A 32-year-old started posting by revealing that she works full-time, while her 39-year-old husband works night shifts three times a week.

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