Prince Harry book: Meghan Markle ‘said Kate’s pregnancy hormones gave her baby brain’

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had a blast after the Duchess of Sussex commented on the pregnant Princess of Wales’ hormones.

Prince Harry will reveal more about the quarrel between the pair in his new book, Spare, which comes out next week but has already leaked.

Harry wrote that Meghan told Kate she must have “baby brains because of hormones,” according to royal expert Kate Mansey of the Mail on Sunday.

Kate was reportedly upset after giving birth to her third child, Prince Louis, a month before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018.

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However, Meghan was later reprimanded for her words, supposedly offended, and Harry said his wife wasn’t close enough to talk to Kate about her hormones.

The new details are all part of a disagreement between two women over the flower girl dress at Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Meghan was previously said to have made Kate cry during a conversation about what flower girls would wear.

“In the book, Harry says that there was a discussion about the timing of the wedding rehearsal and the flower girl’s dress, and that Kate was very upset.

“Meghan said Kate must have a ‘baby brain’ because of her hormones.

“Meghan caused a great deal of controversy because she was told she wasn’t close enough to her sister-in-law to discuss hormones, and that it wasn’t the way people talked to each other within the royal family.”

The source added that Meghan felt it wasn’t her fault for the disagreements.

She told Oprah in Sussex’s infamous tell-all interview that Kate made her cry during the falling out.

“It made me cry and really hurt my feelings. The wedding was a really rough week and she was upset about something but it was hers and she apologized.” Megan said.

This is just the latest in a series of extraordinary snippets to come out of Harry’s memoir.

On Thursday, an excerpt from the book revealed Harry’s allegations that William physically attacked him in a row over Meghan.

He also named William his “arch-nemesis” and said the brothers would never see eye to eye again, despite King Charles pleading with them not to “make my last years miserable”. This raised concerns that there would be no such thing.

Another section of the book claims that he and William asked their father, Charles, not to marry Camilla after Princess Diana’s death, out of fear that she would become an “evil stepmother”.

The Duke of Sussex also claims Charles made a vulgar joke hours after Diana gave birth to Harry.

William and Kate also claim that they encouraged him to wear a Nazi costume at a party in 2005, and they “laughed out loud” when he went through with it.

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