Pro-life pregnancy centers brings ‘happy tears’ this Christmas for women and families

Moms walk away with ‘garbage bags full of presents’

Tamra Axworthy, CEO of A Caring Pregnancy Center, said her clinic in Pueblo, Colorado, also offers an “angel tree” where donors can help mothers and their families with Christmas gifts. rice field.

Axworthy told CNA, “We take gift ideas, whoever the mom or dad or client is, and give them to the donor’s family. They go shopping and basically the whole family. offer Christmas to

Caring Pregnancy Center has a mission to provide women and families with the resources they need to make life choices. The center offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, childbirth classes, adoption referrals, education on sexually transmitted diseases, and several other services.

Axworthy said when expectant mothers come to the center to pick up gifts, they often expect one or two donated gifts.

“But when they come out like garbage bags full of presents, they’re just blown away and incredibly grateful,” she said. ”

“It is wonderful to be able to bless them and pass that blessing on to the donors. make it understandable.”

The center also has a “Giving Tree” where mothers and families in need can freely come to the clinic and receive items such as coats and Christmas decorations for free.

Given the Pueblo’s high poverty rate, Axworthy said there is a great need in the area to provide these Christmas services to expectant mothers in need.

“It breaks our hearts to see people struggling without even having kids boots or baby winter coats. It’s what it is,” she said.

“And it congratulates us to be able to do that too. So we know there is a need and it’s great to be able to meet the needs of so many people in our community. .”

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Free Christmas store teaches ‘the true meaning of Christmas’

Another clinic, the Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center in Lockport, New York, has been serving women and families in a free Christmas store since 2015.

The center’s executive director, Syndra Enjinna, told CNA that each year the center places a number of toys, bibles, stuffed animals, and other gifts in the basement for parents and guardians to take home for free.

The basement of the center is set up with lights and Christmas decorations and Christmas music.

“When we first started in 2015, we realized there was a huge need,” she said.

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