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In the early 70’s, I was employed as a public health educator in St. Louis County, but I was really a community health caretaker. My first assignment was to start a family planning program. This later became the Family Planning Clinic of Virginia.

I was reminded of the nurses and the entire staff by Dr. Katrina Dalton, a doctor from England. Dr. Katrina Dalton recently Once a month. To my surprise, she talked about using natural progesterone. She has become an expert in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in the UK. Later she learned that menopausal women in England could choose to use biologically identical progesterone, which was called restorative therapy.

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones made in the body. The body’s receptors readily receive natural hormones. Some studies have shown that natural hormones appear in her body within four minutes. Chemicals that mimic hormones are not natural for the body and can cause side effects.

Ten to fifteen years before menopause, women typically become estrogen dominant. What is your progesterone level? Progesterone normally controls estrogen when old estrogen cells need to die (apoptosis). When you have adequate progesterone, it protects against breast cancer by countering the growth-promoting effects of estrogen. Serum collection is not accurate.

Where does all this estrogen come from? In addition to prescriptions, we receive estrogen from hormone disruptors called xenoestrogens. These are petrochemicals found in plastics, dry cleaning, fabric softeners, lawn chemicals, pesticides, car exhaust, solvents, paints, new carpet, and more. These persistent chemicals interfere with hormonal balance.

Most commercial beef is injected with estrogen to promote rapid weight gain. Most dairy farmers use bovine growth hormone (unless otherwise indicated) to increase milk production. This is another breast cancer risk.

By the time you reach menopause, estrogen drops by 40-60%. Progesterone is almost gone. Even women without a uterus need natural progesterone to balance estrogen.Synthetic drugs (chemically altered progesterone) carry significant risks, including breast cancer. American doctors are trained to use patented drugs, but not natural products.

My son-in-law said the other day that there are no more fat women with circuses. Their fat cells produce and store estrogen.

For those of you who think progesterone is only necessary for pregnancy, remember that men have more progesterone than menopausal women. ). Several supplement stores in our area carry these products, and Amazon has been carrying natural progesterone creams for years.

It’s amazing what hormonal balance can do to alleviate many illnesses and maintain good health.

Merlin Swanson lives in Virginia.

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