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Birth is a lot of things: a mind-boggling phenomenon, a life-changing moment, an amazing show of the power a person gives birth to, a beautiful example of another entering the world. But this Reddit father-in-law chose to call his pregnant fiancé “nasty” in his face.

Maturity took to the platform’s subreddit, “Am I The A-hole,” to explain that he and his partner have been discussing childbirth plans, and that his fiancée is expecting his child to come out of her. ,world.

“I said, ‘No, I don’t like that,'” he continued. She says it’s insensitive and an insult to the whole process of bringing our children into the world. ‘ Well, she’s not wrong. He chalks up her nine months of sacrificing her body’s autonomy to something “troublesome” on every level. pretty insult.

He continued: It’s bloody, slimy, gooey, and stretchy. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect what women go through to carry and create life. ”

The user lectured extensively in his reply about the OP’s insensitivity and bad language. One Redditor wrote: You’re the one who does all the work, so I’m going to focus on you and give you all the support you need. YTA.”

Another user wrote, “Honestly, it’s okay to say, ‘I can’t see the blood. I’d rather focus on you.’ It is written as “I would rather stay up by your head to support you” would have sufficed. Did. Pee, runny nose, poo, vomiting. you have to handle it all. Fasten your seat belt. ”

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Several Redditors piggybacked on the message, and another user replied: Do you hate giving birth? Wait until your toddler is infected with the virus and blown off both ends. So much rougher than birth. Someone else wholeheartedly agreed, writing: I used my shirt as a runny rag and it made me sick and nauseous. Birth is over in one day. You will be dealing with your child for years.

One Redditor went into full storytime on the OP and wrote: Phrasing is important. And your phrasing was terrible. Also, you are caught up in all the nasty stuff. They pee, poop, drool, and vomit. My baby got RSV at 5 weeks. I’ve tried light bulbs and electric suction to clear his nose so he can breathe, but none worked well enough. So do you know what I had to get? Nose Frida. It’s literally a straw that you suck out of your mouth to clear the baby’s nose of mucus. It’s literally the only thing that worked, NASTY. ”

A sweet, innocent soul without children jumped into the thread and wrote, “This whole thread is the most powerful form of birth control I have ever received in my 28 years of life.”

One user scathingly pointed out how OP’s phrasing must have made his partner feel, writing: Ask yourself how she feels now after telling her that what she has to do (endure horrible pain and push the baby out) is awkward. Continued pain and bleeding. She’s uncomfortable and she may have few accidents, but that’s all normal. I find you supportive and incomprehensible when she needs your help. It’s just terrifying. I hope she gets the support and help she needs. Growing up, she will soon be a father. ”

OP is really giving A lazy father who refuses to change diapers because it is “disgusting” And we hate it for his partner. Hopefully, Reddit’s collective talk will be the wake-up call he needs to be an existential and supportive co-parent, albeit with his “slimy, gooey, nasty” parts. I’m here.

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