Renée Elise Goldsberry Mistakes Laura Benanti COVID Test for Pregnancy – Billboard

Oops! Renée Elise Goldsberry jumped into Laura Benanti’s latest social comment her media post (Monday) in her section to congratulate her on getting… COVID?

The laugh-worthy gaffe came when Benanti shared her positive coronavirus test on Instagram after taking daughter Ella on a trip to the New York City Ballet. (I tested on ballet day and it was negative…I was wearing a mask too, so everyone is safe, don’t worry!).

However, the original Hamilton A cast member apparently assumed her fellow Broadway star was sharing a positive pregnancy test on her feed, accidentally saying, “AAAAAAH! Congrats!” and other Broadway stars like Jessica Bossk added their sympathies and wishes for Benanti’s speedy recovery.

On Tuesday (Jan. 3), Goldsbury provided a hysterical circumstance about her mistake on Twitter, writing, “Drunk scrolling on my birthday… Wrong positive test…” with a palm on her face and a laughing emoji. After saying, “I love you, Laura! I feel better!”

For her part, Benanti seemed focused on making sure her recovery was as low-key and relaxed as possible. I don’t need to use it to write a pilot, a play, or a song.” No. You don’t have to write challenging books in your diary, reflect, or read.You can rest and watch TV or read a cheap novel, but you won’t be lazy.

Back in October, the Goldsbury musical sitcom girls 5 eva has officially been renewed for a third season, finding a new home on Netflix after starting its first two seasons on Peacock.

See below for Benanti’s post lamenting her positive COVID test and Goldsbury’s funny reaction to her accidental celebration.

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