Report: Slain NYPD officer Jason Rivera’s widow announces pregnancy at one year memorial

Staten Island, New York – Family, friends, NYPD officials and others attended St. Patrick’s Cathedral Saturday morning for a memorial service one year after the murders of NYPD officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora. gathered inside.

Rivera, 22, and Mora, 27, were killed on duty on January 21, 2022, while answering a call about an altercation between a woman and her adult son.

According to a Daily News report, the memorial service was more than just tears of grief.

Rivera’s widow, Dominque Luzriaga, has reportedly announced that she is pregnant with her husband’s child and is due to give birth this spring.

“Through grief and pain, there can also be wonderful births. Luckily, Jason and I are looking forward to our miracles this spring.” He’s not here physically, but I know he’s always here spiritually, waiting for us, protecting us, and loving us.

Former police officer and mayor Eric Adams spoke at a memorial service about the immense pain of losing a child and two New York City heroes.

“I remember the two of us standing in the hospital that day, watching over your family, watching the intensity of the pain you went through receiving notification that you had lost a son, brother, husband, loved one. Our hearts grieve with you and we cannot see the pain go away in 365 days, every birthday, every holiday, every time we hear a song or think about the look on these two heroes. I think about today,” Adams said.

“I have said it many times, this profession waters the tree of freedom that shields us from the light of violence and crime. I know that when they moved from the material to the spiritual, they left a lasting symbol of understanding and respect,” he continued.

NYPD Commissioner Keecchant Sewell called Mora and Rivera “vibrant souls”.

“Jason and Wilbert live on.

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