Review: 16 & Pregnant by LaLa Thomas

16 years old & pregnant is a series that works in conjunction with the famous MTV series 16 and Pregnant. Told through alternating perspectives, the story follows Erica and Kelly as they navigate high school, relationships, and Erica’s choice not to end her pregnancy.

When the story begins, Erica is already pregnant and readers meet her as she waits to talk to a nurse about getting abortion pills. The opening chapter explores her thoughts on what she does, how she feels about it, and how she decides to give up entirely or put on hold to have children at 16. Focus on your dreams.

She’s an honors student and plans to attend Historically Black College, so pregnancy isn’t part of her graduation plans, but she doesn’t want to miss the chance to love the part of herself she imagines meeting. Among her children, she finally decided to keep her baby.

The drama begins when she decides to keep her decision a secret and walks out of the abortion clinic without telling her mother that she won’t be taking her medication, planning to go 24 weeks without anyone knowing. It occurs when Forced to make a decision she doesn’t want.

Kelly is an Honor Society basketball star who also plans to attend a historically black college (i.e. Howard University) before being drafted into the WNBA. Her calendar is full of her studies, practices, and boyfriends, but she also makes time to support her best friend.

Kelly and Erica’s friendship is put to the test when Erica needs constant attention during her pregnancy. The baby’s father, Miguel, rarely shows up, often leaving Erica to take the bus to an appointment or be absent altogether. Kelly sees Miguel for who she really is and encourages Erica to say goodbye to her, but Erica believes that Miguel loves her and the baby. She often brings up that he already knows how to raise a child because he already has a child.

To really make you realize that Miguel isn’t all that great, he rarely appears in the story except in the opening and the final few scenes. He serves as a great character foil for Ray, Kelly’s boyfriend who is not only present but supportive.

Author Lara Thomas does a great job adding in the dangers teenage mothers face during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure and eclampsia, as well as social issues and pressures. Erica tries to keep up with her schoolwork, but her pregnancy gets in the way. She has to leave school to go to some appointments, her stomach prevents her from fitting in the seat, and vomit comes out whether she gets there or not, so she She needs to go to the bathroom all the time. She has been told she needs to get some rest, but switching to online classes to go to school from home means giving up honors classes.

There are a lot of medical stories to tell, but remember that for Thomas to show you these things, Erica would have to suffer an entire textbook’s worth of problems during her pregnancy. From both, it’s clear that a lot of research went into this project.

16 years old & pregnant A great debut detailing all of the rights to choose, the thoughts behind it, and the many issues and complications of teenage and African-American pregnancy.

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