River North hit-and-run victim Silvia Gil was 7 months pregnant, baby delivered by emergency C-section now fighting for life

Chicago (WLS) — Joliet’s family is demanding justice and answers after four people were beaten in a River North hit-and-run over the weekend, one of whom was seriously injured.

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Sylvia Gill, fiancée Jorge, brother Angel and girlfriend Zyra were standing on the corner of Ontario and Wabash walking to dinner on Saturday night. All were seriously injured.

The victim’s sister, Crystal Gill, said: “My brother was slightly dragged by the car and my sister and fiancée were also thrown out.”

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Sylvia was 7 months pregnant and was seriously injured.

“How can you leave a pregnant woman on the floor? I understand you’re scared because of what happened, but you’re a pregnant woman. She’s obviously pregnant.” said Crystal.

She had an emergency C-section and the prematurely born boy is now fighting for his life.

“All we can do is pray for him,” said his aunt. “It’s a tragic way to come into this world. No one wants to come into this world in such horrible conditions.”

A man and woman who were in the Prius were also taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Three occupants of the sedan fled the scene, according to Chicago police.

“Have a heart. Just surrender yourself, at least for the baby,” Crystal Gill said.

Victim injuries range from broken bones to serious head and internal injuries, but Sylvia in particular has a long road to recovery.

No one is currently detained. An investigation by the Chicago Police Department is ongoing.

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