Senegal MPs jailed for kicking pregnant colleague Amy Ndiaye

Two Senegalese opposition MPs have been sentenced to six months in prison for kicking a pregnant colleague in the stomach during a budget debate.

A male lawmaker attacked Amy Ndiaye after criticizing an opposition religious figure.

The judge also ordered Mamadou Niang and Massata Samb to pay Ms Ndiaye five million CFA francs ($8,100; £6,750) in compensation.

The incident was widely condemned and sparked debate about women’s rights.

In videos widely shared online, Sambu is seen walking towards Ndiaye and giving him a slap during the regular budget debate on Dec. 1. She then retaliates by throwing her chair, but she is simultaneously kicked in the belly by another male colleague. A brawl then erupts as other MPs attempt to calm the situation down.

Ndiaye, a member of the ruling Benno Bock Yakar coalition, passed out in parliament after the attack, raising fears that she might lose her baby.

Despite being discharged from hospital, her lawyer, Baboucar Cissé, told AFP news agency that she was “still in a very difficult situation.”

Despite video evidence, lawyers for Niang and Samb argued in court that their clients did not physically attack Ndiaye.

They also claimed that two lawmakers were immune from prosecution, to no avail.

“They will remain in prison until they appeal,” Abdi Nal Ndiaye, one of their lawyers, told AFP.

Tensions have risen in the Senegalese parliament since the government lost a majority in parliamentary elections last July.

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