Seven new residential flatlets for Life Network’s crisis pregnancy shelter

Seven new residential flatlets will be added to the Emergency Pregnancy Shelter owned by the Life Network Foundation.

The foundation runs Dar Tgħanniqa ta’ Omm, a support home for vulnerable women with unplanned pregnancies.

Christie Zammit, Managing Director of Dar Tgħanniqa ta’ Omm, said:

“The purpose of these flatlets is to help these women continue their education or settle into a full-time job.”

The foundation said flatlets would give mothers the opportunity to study and work while staying home for up to three years.

Work on the flatlet began this week and aims to open to the first residents by May 2023.

“The Life Network is committed to providing women and children with the resources they need to succeed, and these new flatlets are designed to empower women,” said Miriam Siberus, President of the Life Network Foundation. , is an important step in supporting self-reliance.

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