Sex slave escapes Burke County kidnapper by faking pregnancy

WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – A woman who was kidnapped and forced to have sex and labor was able to fake a pregnancy to escape captivity in Burke County and seek help from a hospital, officials said.

The suspect, Ismael Patricio Aguirre, 22, was arrested on Tuesday after a Bark Health staff member became suspicious and called authorities on Monday.

Aguirre and the woman came to the hospital after receiving a call from Emergency Medical Services saying she was unconscious and pregnant, staff said.

According to the Waynesboro Police Department, the victim told staff she wasn’t actually pregnant but needed help escaping from Aguirre.

She told police that Aguirre forcibly removed her from her home in Charleston, South Carolina, four to six months ago and took her against her will to Waynesboro.

She was forced to work, have sex with Aguirre, eat and drink if asked, and “basically become a puppet of his demands,” police wrote in the report.

According to police, she said Aguirre told her the family would kill her child and mother if he did not comply.

She said she faked her pregnancy to stop Aguirre from beating and strangling her, and said she needed help returning to her family.

According to prison records, Aguirre was arrested and held in Burke County Jail on charges of rape, false confinement kidnapping, aggravated assault, and assault.

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