Shaeeda’s Pregnancy Will Destroy Marriage With Bilal

90 Day Fiancée Bilal Hazziez finally wants a baby with Shaeeda Sween, but there are plenty of reasons why a pregnancy could ruin their marriage.

90 day fiancee Star Shayda Sween’s pregnancy could put an end to her marriage to Bilal Hajiez.The 37-year-old has made her reality TV debut 90 day fiancee In Season 9, when she showed off her dramatic relationship with Bilal, 43, from the United States. Throughout the season, Shayda and Bilal portrayed the differences and trust issues that caused them to test each other. Their biggest issue, however, was whether or not they would have children that would continue after their marriage.

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when the couple got home 90 day fiancee spin off, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, their main problem was Shaeeda’s ticking biological clock. She hoped that she would get pregnant as soon as possible after she and Bilal got married, but Bilal, despite initially agreeing to do so as part of her pre-wedding, decided not to bring up the topic. avoided.As a result, 90 day fiancee The pair had many ups and downs on the show related to not agreeing to have a baby, and eventually Shayda gave her husband an ultimatum.

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Bilal Hajiz may feel the pressure

During a recent Tell-All, Bilal finally agreed to have a baby with Shaeeda. He regrets the decision and may not have the same feelings for the child as he would like to father her.One day, Bilal claims that Shaida pressured him to have another child for her. You may feel

Money may be an issue for Bilal Hajiz

90 Day Fiancé by Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween: Happily Ever After

Bilal has a controlling personality that has ruined his past relationships.In addition, Shaeeda has already expressed concern that her husband controls all aspects of money in the relationship. . Knowing that Bilal saves money, you may be worried about how much you need them to afford to care for your new baby. Bilal regrets having a child with Shayda, and he may feel that he is wasting money on things he didn’t prioritize or expect. Such attitudes can create rifts between couples and cause them to reassess the entire marriage.

Bilal Hazziez’s lack of interest in being a father

Bilal Hajiz and Shayda Sween, 90 Day Fiancé Season 9

The biggest reason Shaeeda’s pregnancy ruins her marriage is Bilal’s lack of interest in becoming a father. He has already raised his two children and is probably no longer interested in parenting. When the two became parents, Bilal may not be as excited about the baby as her wife was, as she was the one who wanted to be a parent in the first place, so Bilal took responsibility for all the babies to Shaeeda. This emotional disagreement with the child can also give 90 day fiancee couple marriage.

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