Shriya Saran on why she didn’t reveal pregnancy: ‘Was scared that if I speak about my pregnancy, people will…’

Actor Shriya Saran enjoying the success of his recently released film Drisham 2, revealed why she chose not to discuss her pregnancy. Shriya also said she was worried if she would get the job in time if she told people in the industry about her pregnancy.

In an interview with Pinkvilla she said: I think one of the main reasons I didn’t talk about my pregnancy was, of course, I wanted to take my time and spend time with myself.With Radha she’s been six months and she’s fat and people think I’m Don’t worry about what you write about. I just wanted to focus on my children. So one strong reason was that. But one more reason for her was that she was afraid that talking about her pregnancy would take time before people would come back and give her a job. “

shriya saran He further confided about the fact that movies are a visual medium and actors are under pressure to look “a certain way.” Shreya added that everyone should thank the actor’s wife for supporting him by taking care of his home and children.

“There’s that pressure. It’s the visual medium. It’s about how you act and how you look because people see you on the big screen. So I was worried? Yes, I did, and when I go back to work, I never ask the protagonist, ‘What are you going to do when you have kids?

Shriya said, “I mean, I think we need to thank all the wives because it’s because of them that they (male actors) get back to work. It’s a hard working woman who makes sure we’re all fine, especially in acting, you don’t have a schedule, so if you’re an actor, you’re working weird hours and taking care of the kids. But they don’t ask that man.I think parenting is 50/50.But women are asked incessantly, and I wasn’t asked this question. , because she didn’t know I was pregnant.

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Shriya Saran and husband Andrei Koscheev welcomed daughter Radha in January 2021. The couple had moved to Barcelona while pregnant. Shriya announced her daughter’s arrival through her media posts on her social.

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