Shriya Saran revealed the secret of hiding her pregnancy…

Shriya Saran reveals secret to hiding pregnancy: ‘I wanted to gain weight without being nervous’

Recently, actress Shriya Saran revealed why she kept her pregnancy a secret.

Bollywood-turned-actress Shriya Saran has recently made headlines for her performance in the movie ‘Drisham 2’ after establishing herself in the Southern film industry. She is married to Russian businessman Andrei Koshev. The couple welcomed their daughter Radha on January 10, 2021. Although the actress kept her pregnancy a secret, she now speaks openly about it.

The actress said she fears the media will write unnecessary articles about her pregnancy. . In his words, “There are a lot of fears. I think one of the main reasons I didn’t talk about my pregnancy was because I wanted to enjoy it as ‘me time’. I spent those six months with Radha.” I wanted to spend it. Also, she wanted to gain weight without any worries. I didn’t want to be in the media spotlight when I was pregnant because people write about me. “

Shriya also reveals that she kept her pregnancy a secret for fear of not getting a job. The actress spoke about how the film industry expects actresses to have perfect figures. She said, “I was worried that when I talked about my pregnancy, it would take a long time before people would come back and give me a job. It’s the visual medium you expect.

When her daughter was just nine months old, she had lost all the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. In response, she said: So she was already signed to three films. Radha was nine months old and she was kind of under pressure to lose weight, so her weight during her pregnancy was already gone.

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