Southaven renters move into new home with church’s help after pregnant tenant falls through apartment floor

Southben, Mississippi (WMC) – Much is given and much is required.

After being evicted from their apartment last week, Justin and Ashley Thomas now have a new home to call home.

Ashley, who is five months pregnant, was kicked to the curb last month as she sought legal guidance after falling off the floor of her apartment, they said.

The church congregation that helped them move is now trying to help them achieve their dreams.

The Lord’s Army, members of the Tabernacle Church of God in Christ (COGIC), helped Justin and Ashley move out of the Southaven Point Apartments on Wednesday. The couple said Ashley was evicted after complaining to management about leaking sinks, mold on walls and sagging floors while she was standing.

“I have type 2 diabetes,” Ashely told Action News 5. I have re-injured my back and other things, so I plan to go to a chiropractor. “

“We called for repairs many times in advance,” says Justin.

Rene Zemp, Westminster Management’s vice president of operations, declined to discuss Thomas’ case, telling Action News 5:

“This is a landlord-tenant court matter and we do not comment on pending lawsuits.”

After 48 hours, Thomas and his friends have reason to rejoice.

“Today they received the keys to their new home,” said Tabernacle COGIC Bishop Vincent Matthews. “It’s not far from this church in South Haven and it’s beautiful.”

Thanks to financial help from the church and a local real estate agent asking God to help, Justin, Ashley, and their daughters Naira and Eva now have a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house they can call home. I have.

“There was really a god what happened on Wednesday,” Justin said. “And when you have faith, things like this happen.”

“Since that day, happy tears! I want to cry now,” said Ashley. “It’s overwhelming, all the love and gratitude.”

Bishop Matthew and his congregation marched for justice on Wednesday and began walking to the apartment and cleaning up the couple’s belongings.

He and Thomas believe that the fight for a humane standard of living for all is far From above.

“At the end of the day, we want justice,” Ashley said. And we are going to get it. With God’s help, we can get it. “

Bishop Matthew said he was very dissatisfied with the treatment Thomas received at Southaven Point Apartments, and that his church would like to help educate the community about what to expect when renting an apartment or house. , plans to launch a lessee’s rights course.

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