Stacey Solomon’s heartwarming pregnancy announcements revealed

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Stacey Solomon took fans on a pregnancy trip with 14-year-old Zachary, 10-year-old Leighton, 2-year-old Rex, and baby daughter Rose.

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from loose woman The star’s thrilling first announcement beautiful pregnancy pictures When heartbreaking revelation Journey to Motherhood, Stacey and her Husband Joe Swash They are very friendly and their fans love them. hello! Let’s see how the mother of four announced her previous pregnancies.

Watch: Stacey Solomon reveals Joe Swash’s emotional reaction when baby Rose takes her first steps

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Stacey loves showing off her creative talents on Instagram. Winter wonderland extravaganza at home or make a costume Rex themed birthday partyHer pregnancy reveal always causes the most excitement on social media…

Rose Opal Esme Solomon Swash

Stacey’s fourth pregnancy announcement was a family affair

“We are growing another pickle” Stacey’s fans were overjoyed when she shared a heartwarming post on Instagram on June 9, 2021.

A series of photographs taken in The couple’s parents’ home, Pickles CottageStacey revealed that she is expecting a fourth child and shared how excited her family is.

Stacey added: “We love you all to the moon. So much love from me, Joe, Harry, Zack, Leighton, Rex and our little pickle.”

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of ITV The star also admitted that she had been away from social media a few weeks ago. explained.

The couple has since opened up about their heartbreaking miscarriage and made sure she savored the moment while Stacey was pregnant with Rose. impressive photo shoot Rose arrives October 4th – ahead of Stacey’s birthday!

Rex Toby Francis Solomon Swash

This instantly recognizable snap delighted fans

The announcement of Stacey’s third child was revealed as part of a very funny Instagram post on February 22, 2019.

Stacey initially teased her fans with cryptic posts such as:Every time I go write something I sob… what he said @realjoeswashy” and tagged her partner Joe’s Instagram page, which showed a picture of Stacey sleeping soundly at home…

The cute candid photo left fans and Joe puzzled at first

Joe writes:

Suddenly the meaning of all this became clear as Joe continued. “So imagine my joy when I learned that she still loved me and my company so much.

The couple then sonogram pictures With a gorgeous caption: “It’s all very overwhelmed and emotional and we couldn’t be happier right now.

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Leighton Barham

Stacey revealed the news to reporters who follow her x factor success

follow her closely x factor .

of ITV “We’re really excited, and I’m really looking forward to everything,” Starr told reporters.

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Zachary Solomon

Stacey already welcomed little Zach by the time she hit fame

Stacey x factor At a talent show in 2009, she quickly rose to fame and firmly established herself in the hearts and minds of her fans.

The Essex-born singer was already raising baby Zach, 14, from a previous relationship. ITV The rules meant that all contestants had to live together in a London share house, but every time Stacey interrupted filming a live show, she returned to Dagenham to hang out with Zachary. I spent my time

Stacey’s hard work juggling motherhood and her career has more than paid off.She became a fan favorite after making it to the semi-finals of the show loose woman and cut out Make a name for yourself as a household goddess!

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