Stassi Schroeder Talks Frustrations With Bravo Contract

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Stassi Schroeder Appeared in an episode of Katie MaloneyOn the podcast earlier this month, she spent about 40 minutes discussing prince harry When Megan MarkleThe Netflix documentary — and how she relates — with her longtime friend.

Reflecting on the paparazzi attention she got after being fired, before admitting she’s frequently frustrated with her Bravo deal Vanderpump rulesand cooking about holiday traditions with my 23-month-old daughter Hartford Charlie Rose ClarkStassi believes she knows why it leaked when it comes to sharing pregnancy news.

When they discussed the media circus Harry and Meghan have endured in recent years, Katie pointed out that negative stories are often offered to the press by celebrities trying to hide their secrets, and Stassi said she I remembered the 2020 pregnancy leak of.

“I think that’s how my pregnancy was leaked. Do I sound bitter and outraged? I keep referencing that time, but Meghan and Harry say The whole thing is like it’s causing it in me, so I can’t help but refer to it,” Stassi explained on the Dec. 16 episode. You’re Gonna Love Me“That’s how I relate to so many parts of their story, and when I talk about article trading, I’m pretty sure the information was traded. I was going to get a very harmful article. Nobody knows.'”

“That’s the only thing I can come up with,” she added.

And Katie agreed, saying, “It made sense because very few people knew.

Stassi is convinced someone in her inner circle leaked the news, but admitted that she told more people as the pregnancy progressed.

“I’ve told several people, ‘I could see it happening. It’s my fault. It’s a shame,'” she said, before the leak she planned her next move. I added that it was.kylie jenner It’ and finally shows up with the baby.

Stassi also addressed Harry and Meghan’s failure to fight back against certain rumors, saying she was forced to keep quiet about the drama. pump regulation until the season aired.

“You’re not allowed to talk about what happened. And all these stories start spinning on social media…and you’re like, ‘But that didn’t really happen.’ “But you’re under contract, so you can’t tell the truth. Even if you tell the truth, it can make you look like a crazy liar.” [You’re] Being silenced, being silenced, being forced not to comment, it sucks. ”

As the debate continued, Stassi said after hearing about Harry and Meghan and how they always follow the storyline that she was fired for her racist comments and actions towards her former co-stars. He said he returned in 2020. Face Stowers.

“If there were paparazzi and they were taking pictures of me smiling, people would say, ‘She’s not ashamed. She doesn’t care. She’s sorry for nothing. When there was a picture, people said, ‘Look at her playing the victim.’ Should we feel sorry for her? It’s like you can’t win either way,” Stassi said. clarified.[Beau Clark] And I will have these conversations. We ask ourselves, “Are we laughing, are we frowning, do we look angry?” what do we do ‘I can’t win. ”

Also on an episode of the podcast, Stassi said that while she has a habit of planning her own Christmas “feel” and decorating herself, she does her best to change traditions.

“I’ve noticed that doing so has taken away the fun of making choices and picking things up for my family, so I’m hoping to get another mini Christmas tree this year,” she said. She revealed.

“It’s strange to suddenly be a mother in charge of starting a tradition,” Stassi continued. Or will you open some on Christmas Eve?”

Stassi admitted that Hartford is still young, but she said things can be figured out quickly, including her approaching second birthday.

“When you ask, ‘How old will your birthday be?’ I’m like, ‘Two years old!’ And I’m like, ‘I just told you that yesterday.’ So she will understand that I leave cookies for Santa,” concluded Stassi.

Vanderpump rules Season 10 is set to premiere on Bravo in early 2023.

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