State Rep. Missy McGee introduces 2 bills to help pregnant women in Mississippi

Pine Belt, Mississippi (WDAM) – State leaders are looking for ways to help pregnant women in Mississippi.

Rep. Missy McGee recently introduced House Bill 1362, which provides presumptive Medicaid eligibility for low-income pregnant women, making access to prenatal care easier.

“This is when a woman learns she’s pregnant and believes she’s eligible for Medicaid which allows her to go to a qualified healthcare provider, and wait until she gets the paperwork to officially qualify. You can be considered eligible for a limited period of time, and that’s an advantage,” McGee said.

McGee said the bill is significant. Because the bill would allow pregnant women to see a health care provider during the first trimester.

“Local doctors told me that they often don’t do a woman’s first prenatal visit until she’s halfway through her pregnancy because she’s awaiting approval from Medicaid. It’s too late,” Magee said. rice field.

With health in mind, lawmakers also introduced House Bill 426, the second bill to extend postpartum benefits for women on Medicaid from 60 days to 12 months.

“We know new moms over 60 days need a lot of health care. We know it’s like a healthy baby and there are benefits for both.”

McGee said Mississippi is one of two states left in the nation that does not offer these benefits to pregnant women on Medicaid.

“I feel that contraceptive care is very important, as well as their health care needs.

McGee says January 31st is the deadline for the committee. This means that HB 1362 and HB 426 must be reported outside the Commission or the Commission will be considered terminated.

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