Strangers judged me over inappropriate pregnancy outfits – even my boyfriend agreed but I don’t care, I won’t cover up

The new mother said that even her boyfriend thought she was revealing too much skin in her pregnancy clothes.

Jaelyn Cox, 29, gave birth to her second child last week and couldn’t be happier with her two little girls.


Jerin had the confidence to wear what she wanted

But while she expected it, not everyone was so happy with her fashion choices.

The body-confident mom from Glasgow vowed to work right up to her due date and stay sexy no matter what anyone said.

In an interview with the Scottish Sun, Jerin said:

“A lot of people find me funny.

“Usually if you’re wearing a skirt or heels, or if your breasts are exposed.”

OnlyFans model Jaelyn previously revealed that her pregnancy was great for the business.

She was concerned that it would affect her income of £800 a night from Seventh Heaven, an adult facility in the city centre.

But since she told customers she was having a baby, she’s actually been making more money, so that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The entertainer, who is also popular on AdmireMe, said, “When you’re pregnant, I thought about quitting until I realized a lot of men had fetishes.

“When I was pregnant with my first girl, I was doing OnlyFans and people were asking for pictures of my bump.

“I thought strippers were harder, but the guys didn’t care. Even if I told them, they would still want to dance.”

“My body has changed, my breasts are huge. I feel like my income has increased since I got pregnant.

“My confidence was really low when I first tried it, and more people didn’t care about it, and I didn’t lose money, so my confidence increased.

“If you can hide it and it doesn’t stand out, there are other things like skirts that can hide your belly.

“There are already people asking for pregnant content and pictures of their bumps.”

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