Suspect leads officers on chase, ends in crash with pregnant woman in car

Avon, Ohio (WJW) – Police are searching for a man in Cleveland, who led officers from several western departments in a high-speed chase that ended in a crash early Friday morning.

Fortunately, a pregnant woman who was in the suspect’s car escaped serious injury.

Investigators say they were able to identify the man because he bragged on social media about fleeing police.

The story began to unfold at 1:20 am. That’s when Avon police officers spot a vehicle with no visible license plate traveling west on Interstate 90. The driver refused to stop when he tried to pull the gray Cadillac.

Eventually, the chase reached speeds approaching 90 miles per hour.

But the officers decided to end the chase once it reached the construction zone. There, the driver nearly collided with a slow-moving vehicle and narrowly avoided a collision between the worker and his vehicle.

Avon police issued a bulletin about the vehicle, and an hour later, Bay Village police spotted the Cadillac heading east on I-90.

Officers began tracking the vehicle with the help of the Rocky River Police Department.

Dashcam video shows the driver exiting the freeway at West Boulevard in Cleveland, revealing he was driving so fast that he hit a fence at the end of the exit ramp. , he continued running with the police behind him.

The video shows the suspect eventually turning to West 102nd Street and speeding through the neighborhood.

The chase ended when the suspect crashed a car on Berea Road, bailed out and fled.

While some of the chasing officers chased the driver, others checked the car and noticed a passenger in the front seat.

A 20-year-old woman from Lorain is pregnant, according to police reports. She was taken to hospital by lifeguards as a precaution.

Investigators decided to check the woman’s Instagram account and found that a 30-year-old Cleveland man was on his social media pages, openly bragging about how he passed Avon police on Friday morning. discovered.

The reality is that a previous chase was called off to protect other drivers and workers in the construction area, police said.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts will be asked to call Avon Police or Cleveland Police.

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