Teacher surprised to find out she is pregnant with quintuplets: ‘How is this possible?’

POPLARVILLE, Mississippi (WDAM/Gray News) – Sean and Hayley Radner say they’ve always wanted to have a family, but were surprised to add a party of five.

The couple got married in 2019 and decided to start a family.

The Radners decided to have a baby through intrauterine insemination after two miscarriages.

Haley Radner, a teacher at Oak Grove Middle School, who is now 20 weeks pregnant with quintuplets, says the treatment certainly works.

“I thought we were twins, but they said there were five,” said Haley Radner. “I immediately thought, ‘How can you do this?'”

The couple said they are excited about the announcement of their quintuplets, expecting to welcome four boys and a girl.

Hayley Radner said, “I never thought it would be me, so it’s the greatest blessing of my life.”

The Radners said they already know the baby names for Adaline Elizabeth, Magnolia May, Marie-Kate, Everly Rose and Jake Easton.

Hayley Radner encourages everyone grappling with infertility to stay hopeful.

Haley Radner said, “I know how hard it can be. Your miracle is still there, so don’t give up.”

When asked if he would have more children, Sean Radner said he thinks five is enough.

Ladners said they also share their experiences on YouTube.

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