Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell Reveals Why She Exposed Ashley’s Pregnancy

Catelyn Lowell defends her decision to expose Ashley’s pregnancy, trying to avoid a fight between her and Brianna as the feud continues.

teen mom‘s Catelyn Lowell revealed co-star Ashley Jones’ pregnancy to some of her castmates, Teen Mom: Family ReunionAshley and Brianna DeJesus got into a fight that was headed for a physical altercation when Catelyn tuned in to news of Ashley’s pregnancy. It was clear that he didn’t know.

Catelynn posted on her Instagram story about why she revealed Ashley’s pregnancy in front of the entire cast after the episode aired on MTV. she is”At the time of this altercation between Ashley and Briana, we were the only ones who knew that Ashley was pregnant.One of the girls who didn’t know about the pregnancy was Jade Klein. She said that sometimes she had to involve other people.

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Catelynn puts ‘safety over loyalty’ every time

Teen Mom and Catelyn TLDR

Was it right to tell Jade that Ashley was pregnant? I never thought I would take such a risk! “Catelynn defended herself for revealing her information in the heat of her moment.”All I know is that if I’ve ever tried to fight someone’s girl, I want to know if she’s pregnant!teen mom The star said she “Always put safety before loyalty” In such a situation.

Ashley and Brianna have publicly feuded, and the two are both known for their big personalities, so it makes sense that they’re clashing. It looked like it was, but during the shoot Teen Mom: Family Reunion In season 2, the pair got into a physical altercation that Catelynn was referring to, and the MTV producer sent the girls home. shared a version of The exact truth may never come out, but neither girl has retreated from their version of events.

Some longtime viewers of the show have been annoyed by the girl’s behavior. teen mom We’ve seen a lot of drama over the years, and sometimes it blows you out of proportion and sometimes it goes too far. I support her decision to intervene in the fight that was going on. She didn’t stop fighting completely, but it certainly had an impact.It’s unclear what the girls have to do with MTV after cheating, but fans will have to wait Teen Mom: Family ReunionThe next season will see where everyone stands.

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