Teenage girls risk pregnancy if they follow ‘contraception tips of social media influencers’

Teenagers are at risk of becoming pregnant if they get birth control tips from social media influencers, experts warn.

A survey found that more and more internet stars are plugging in trendy period-tracking apps and revealing that quitting the pill is “more natural.”


Study Finds More Internet Stars Plugging In Trendy Period-Tracking Apps And Revealing They’re Off The PillCredit: Getty

But tracking your menstrual cycle to avoid duff is more complicated and riskier than proper contraception, scientists say.

UK teen pregnancies are at a historic low of 12,787 under 18s in the year to September 2021, compared with 44,000 in 1998.

Study author Emily Pfender of the University of Delaware said:

She analyzed 50 YouTube videos posted by influencers with over 20,000 followers each.

Three-quarters of the clips talked about quitting hormonal birth control methods such as pills and implants.

One of the main reasons for quitting smoking is “a desire to be more natural,” Pfender said in the journal Health Communication.

Many YouTubers said they could avoid pregnancy by tracking their menstrual cycles and not having sex around the time their eggs are released each month.

Only 34% of those who said they stopped using contraception said they would start using a different type of contraception.

The NHS calls cycle tracking ‘natural family planning’ and says it’s about 76% effective in the real world.

The health director states that women or couples should take lessons from a “fertility awareness teacher” before beginning this method.

Pfender adds:

“They should be skeptical of online information.”

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