Tennis World Befuddled Over a Bizarre Serena Williams’ Pregnancy Question Featuring John McEnroe and Roger Federer

A question recently asked on one of the US TV shows sent Twitter into a frenzy. It wasn’t the question itself that shocked people, but the choice given on the show as a chance to answer it.The question was simple, but about an American tennis legend. Serena Williams.


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The 23-time Grand Slam champion was pregnant when she achieved her 23rd Grand Slam at the Australian Open. The issues that have roiled the tennis world were related to the same thing.

When Serena Williams’ questions baffled tennis fans


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In the program who wants to be a millionaireone of the questions asked of the participants was “Which of these tennis greats won the Australian Open while about eight weeks pregnant?” But what puzzled the audience was the option that tennis greats had – Andy MurraySerena Williams, roger federerJohn McEnroe.

The question came to the attention of former tennis player and 2013 Wimbledon champion Marion player I couldn’t stop laughing After seeing the question, she took to Twitter.

However, one Twitter user highlighted the lack of effort on the part of the questioner. and he wrote, “Lack of effort by the person who wrote this question”

Other users were being sarcastic, but replying to the tweet. and said, “That’s a tough question.”

And some people thought that the person who was answering was correct.

In addition, some tennis fans downplayed the question and answered with the wrong options.

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One of the fans hilariously eliminated two players to narrow down the options. and said, “Murray and McEnroe have never won an AO, so it’s down to two.”

And this question prompted one tennis fan to change that. “The question is, who can get pregnant?”


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Sure, the hilarious question has taken tennis fans by surprise. But those who stumbled upon the aforementioned question must have had a good laugh, as we all did.


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What do you think about the question? Was it done intentionally or was it a mistake?

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