Test antenatal women for diabetes early in pregnancy, says specialist

According to V. Seshiah, founder of India’s Pregnancy Diabetes Research Group (DIPSI), universal screening of women in the first trimester can prevent gestational diabetes and prevent it from manifesting in offspring. .

For several years now, researchers have called for early screening and treatment of diabetes in women. But the question is, how early should you pick up the signs? Also, the definition of acceptable levels of blood sugar.

“Women should be tested at 8 weeks of gestation so that the fetus does not secrete insulin. th weeks (pregnancy),” he explained.

A study published in an international journal Cyreus, Dr. Seshiah and his team said that HbA1C above 5.3% or two-hour postprandial blood glucose above 110 mg/dL at 10 o’clock can be used as a predictor of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in early pregnancy. I was. th week.

In the past, doctors accepted a postprandial blood glucose reading of 140 mg/dL. But recent studies show otherwise, Dr. Seshiah said. “In a normal pregnancy, blood sugar levels do not exceed 70 to 80 on an empty stomach and are below 110 two hours after eating,” he explains, adding, “We achieved this 10 years ago, but Western guidelines I missed the diagnosis much earlier.”

At a later date, the only way to prevent fetal diabetes is to screen pregnant women at eight weeks’ gestation to find indications and treat them. He asserted that the child could be prevented from developing the condition at a later date.

He also wrote to the federal government, he said. his research, Prediction and prevention of gestational diabetes and its sequelae by administration of metformin in early pregnancy was announced in cyreus He called for early testing of pregnant women.

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