The benefits of early pregnancy scans from Gloucestershire’s Early Life Ultrasound

Discovering you’re pregnant can be just as exciting and terrifying – especially if you’ve had problems conceiving or giving birth to babies in the past.

SoGlos spoke to expert ultrasound clinic Early Life in Cheltenham to find out why prospective parents should consider an early pregnancy scan and what they can learn from it.

About the Experts – Chrissie Cooper and Dr Aamir Khan of Early Life Ultrasound

Chrissie Cooper is Clinic Manager at Early Life Ultrasound in Cheltenham and obstetric sonographer with 11 years experience. Dr Aamir Khan is an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist with a particular interest in early pregnancy and emergency gynecology. He works at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, one of the UK’s largest women’s hospitals, and Early His Life in Cheltenham. na

They and their award-winning team of clinics We provide peace of mind for prospective parents by offering a wide range of consultations and professional services, including pregnancy testing, NIPT harmony testing, and endometrial testing during IVF treatments.

What is the difference between the first trimester scan and the NHS 12 week scan?

Early pregnancy scans, sometimes called viability scans, can be performed from about six weeks and usually confirm that the pregnancy is fine in the early stages. Although performed before, the 12-week scan is classified as a first trimester scan. Some people prefer to get checked 12 weeks in advance because the wait feels long, but that’s a personal choice.

The 12-week dating scans offered regularly by the NHS are usually completed between 10 and 14 weeks, but also cover several different jobs. Part of the Fetal Anomaly Screening Program (FASP) offered to all families.

Pregnancy changes from week to week and what you see at one stage is quite different from what you see at another stage, so each stage of pregnancy has different tasks that you can perform at different stages.

From what week can I take an early pregnancy checkup?

The Early Life Ultrasound Center offers early scans from 7 weeks onwards so you can avoid the anxiety of not seeing anything on your scan. There can be many reasons, such as a long menstrual cycle.

With IVF pregnancies, IVF clinics often need information sooner, so we offer early pregnancy scans starting at 6 weeks.

What can we expect to learn from a first trimester scan? What are sonographers looking for?

Early pregnancy scans tell you if the pregnancy is in the right place, so it’s not ectopic. Please let us know how many weeks you have been pregnant, about 2-3 days on either side. Whether the pregnancy is progressing, especially if there have been problems in the past.

There are certain landmarks to look for when performing a first trimester scan, such as whether the yolk sac is present. The yolk sac appears as a small circle on ultrasound and is the food reservoir seen before the embryo can be seen.At first trimester scans, the pelvic region and ovaries should also be evaluated to rule out unusual pathologies.

How long does an appointment usually take?

Appointments will be spaced to allow time in the scan room with each family member. In fact, most clinics offer twice as much time as she does, but not all of this time is spent scanning. Scan the time required to collect the required information, follow what is known as the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable) for scan safety, but account for everything I feel that is very important. Make sure people are given the opportunity to privately view images, ask questions, and discuss scan results. This is just as important as the actual scan.

Also, family members don’t have to wait in line, and each family member can be given individual attention when attending an appointment.

If the scan reveals any concerns, what are the next steps?

If your sonographer finds something that needs further attention we will refer you to your usual health care provider. Thankfully, NHS hospitals have different departments for the kind of care and treatment you need.

Early Life also has a resident consultant obstetrician and gynecologist.

What is the difference between a standard early pregnancy scan and a consultation with an OB/GYN?

Dr. Khan is an obstetrician and gynecologist who joined the Early Life Ultrasound Center to bring to us a philosophy of personalized patient care and expertise in early pregnancy and gynecology. He understands the stress and anxiety of expectant parents during pregnancy, especially in the first and second trimesters, and as part of a relaxed consultation to discuss concerns during these precious stages of pregnancy, We are happy to offer an ultrasound scan for early pregnancy comfort.

If you prefer to see an ultrasonographer alone, you can, but you can also consult a consultant if you prefer, especially if you need additional care or have clinical concerns that require expert advice. can. Dr. Khan can prescribe medications as needed and provide advice, explanations and recommendations for those for whom ultrasound alone is not enough.

In addition to early pregnancy scans, Dr. Khan can also provide high-quality clinical and diagnostic services to women with gynecological health concerns. It provides useful information about the causes of obesity, conducts informed discussions with the patient about gynecological concerns, similar to early pregnancy consultations, and develops an individualized management plan.

How much does scanning cost?

An early pregnancy scan appointment is £99 including images. This also applies to scheduling a rescan if the information from the first scan is inconclusive. No hidden costs. Everything is transparent with what is stated in the scan description. Other scan types, including gender scans, start at £79. 4D Scans from £99. Again, all prices include images and scheduled rescans.

Appointments with a consultant obstetrician range from £225 to £285, depending on whether you choose an ultrasound scan or just a consultation.

Can I book a convenient time for the scan and can I bring my partner, family or friends with me?

Our calendar is available online, live and up-to-date so you can choose your own booking dates and times. Limited to 6 people.

If I personally paid for a first trimester scan, will the NHS still give me a 12 week scan?

yes. All pregnant women are offered a 12-week dating her scan, regardless of whether they had a private scan or not.

Is there any risk to my baby from having multiple ultrasound scans?

Obstetric ultrasound has been used since the 1950s, and over 50 medical studies show no known risks from multiple ultrasound scans. Some of these studies follow children from prematurity to school age.

However, we do not recommend doing multiple scans for no reason, especially in the early stages. This could probably flag people who are very anxious and need additional support, so we’re monitoring it.

After 10 years in Imperial Square, I recently moved to a new clinic on Regent Street, Cheltenham. Please tell us about the new location.

The new location is really beautiful. We have taken great care to ensure that our clinic is a special place to visit because we feel the surrounding environment adds to the overall experience. and tastefully decorated to match our new home, the Regency building.

Unlike traditional clinics, we ensure privacy and create a calm hotel-like atmosphere, but at the same time suitable for clinical work.

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