The news is confirmed! Deepika Kakkar’s baby bump was spotted on Didi’s birthday

Deepika Kakkar Baby Bump: TV actress Deepika Kakkar’s pregnancy news has been making headlines for a long time. Deepika recently attended her sister-in-law Sabah Ibrahim’s birthday. Deepika’s baby bump is clearly visible in her photo. It means that the news has been confirmed.

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Shoaib Ibrahim and Deepika Kakar: The actress left the world of television Deepika Kakkar News remains that Deepika is discussing a pregnancy. Shoaib Ibrahim Married in 2018. Since then, there have been speculations about Deepika’s pregnancy, but now the news has been confirmed.Yes, Deepika Kakkar recently got her stepsister. Sabah Ibrahim I saw it on K’s birthday. Meanwhile, photos and videos of Deepika surfaced, clearly showing her baby bump. increase.

Deepika Kakkar’s baby bump is seen in video

In fact, December 23, 2022 was Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister Sabah Ibrahim’s birthday. Her birthday event was attended by Deepika and Shoaib’s brother Shamil. Here, all eyes were on Deepika Kakkar. Her pregnancy glow is clearly visible on Deepika’s face in photos and videos, and she also looks a little fatter. Deepika’s baby bump is also seen in the video. Deepika Kakkar wore a gown to the party. She Deepika wore a long overcoat with it. But during that time, Deepika avoided the eyes of the camera. Deepika’s baby bump has also caught the attention of fans. Baby Bump comes out.

Deepika poured her love into her sister-in-law Sabah

Deepika shared a post wishing Saba a happy birthday. In the photo, Deepika Kakkar poses with her sister-in-law Saba and her husband Khalid. While sharing the photo, he captioned it – Happy Birthday Sabah. May your life always be filled with such happiness. Always smile like this.

The video was shared by Deepika’s husband Shoaib

Shoaib Ibrahim looked very happy at his sister’s birthday. He shared a video on Instagram celebrating Saba’s birthday.After her wedding, Saba celebrates her grand birthday with Shoaib dancing a lot. You can see Shoaib happily flying around while cutting the cake.

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Is Deepika Kakar Pregnant?

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim have yet to respond to the news but the news is that the couple will soon become parents. Previously, Deepika and Shoaib’s blog hinted about the actress’ pregnancy. and waiting for Shoaib’s official announcement.

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