The Rookie Fans Are Over The Moon Over Angela’s Pregnancy News

In “The Rookie” season 5, episode 12 (“Death Notice”), Angela Lopez tells Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) that she hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. After she took a pregnancy test, she realized she didn’t have the flu and she was pregnant. Lopez clearly has mixed feelings about her new development, but her fans were overjoyed, with several shouting on her Twitter, including “Angela is pregnant!” @molyk1996“Angela is pregnant! Little Jack has a brother!” @Miss Winter29.

Lopez struggles with the information that she is pregnant, especially since she was on birth control pills. She meets drug lord Elijah Stone (Brandon Jay McLaren). She says she began to feel More importantly, Elijah goes out to take her and Evers out, leaving her scared and feeling she can’t protect her family because she’s pregnant.

Back home, Evers asks why she has an obstetrician appointment on her calendar before telling her she’s pregnant. He admits he’s happy but understands she feels bad for her.The two embrace and she informs him that she has an appointment for a vasectomy. The timing of Lopez’s pregnancy may not be ideal, but fans of the couple are thrilled and confident they can get through anything together.

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